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Shade Systems

Shades are available in a variety of styles and designs,
adding both an aesthetic value and funtionality to your windows.
Shop-at-Home Service during in-home consultation. 

Cord controls pose a potential hazard to homes with small children or pets. 
There are many cordless shade systems to select from, when safety is a concern.

Roman Shades are a soft treatment with the operation ease of a shade.  Choose from a standard selection or customize with your choice of fabric.
The stationary design is a valance that offers the look and visual appeal of a Roman Shade.
Roman Shades can be used alone or in conjunction with additional treatments.  This an elegant look  that fits any decor style, offering privacy when desired with a touch of soft elegance.  Refer to the first photo in the first row.  This is a Hobbled Roman Shade installed under a coordinating Upholstered Cornice.
According to government safety mandates, all Roman Shades are to be fabricated with a manufactured lift system.  Your choice of fabric is used in conjuction with the lift system components and controlled with a continuous cord loop or cordless control system.  These new systems provide the same appearance while having ease of control and offering safety.
Your favorite fabric can be used to create a decorative roller shade.  A continuous cord loop lift system is recommended for control. The addition of decorative trim completes the look.  Have a roller shade created to compliment your soft treatments.  Refer to the center photo in the first row.
A large assortment of colors, textures, opacity, and vane sizes to select from. 
Pleated shades are not available with a cordless option.  Cord holes are exposed, allowing entrance of outdoor light.

Cellular Shades are now available for Arched Windows! 
Control the incoming light without blocking the beautiful architecture of your speciality window.  A Cord-Controlled unit, providing independent controls for left and right sections.  Colors available; white is recommended for tracking to blend with window casements.  Low Profile.
A large selection of finishes available in both options. 
Privacy feature eliminates exposed cord holes.
Soft sheer horizontal Window Shadings featuring fabric vanes between sheers.   Now available with room-darkening fabric vanes. 
Available in an assortment of styles and colors, including sheer and solid fabric as well as PVC/vinyl.

Wood and Faux Wood products available.  Designed to cover half or full windows with multiple bi-fold configurations.  Design assistance provided during consultation.

Plantation Shutters - Cafe Style

Plantation Shutters
Single, Full-Length Panels
with Four-Sided Frame

Faux Roman Shade with
Motorized, Remote-Control Roller Shade
for privacy and light control

Custom Faux Wood Shutters

 Sheer Fabric Vertical System

Sheer Fabric Vertical System


Sheer Shade System

Light-Filtering Cellular Shade
Corner Window Unit - Before
Corner Window Unit - After
Fabric Vertical Blinds - Closed Vanes

PVC Vertical Blinds - Closed Vanes

PVC Vertical Blinds - Closed Vanes 
Adjustable Arched Cellular Shade
Cord Controlled
"opened position"
Adjustable Arched Cellular Shade
Cord Controlled
"closed position"

Adjustable Arched Cellular Shade
Cord Controlled

Plantation Shutters - Cafe Style
Bi-Fold Panels with Two-Sided Frame

Woven Roller Shades - Opened

Woven Roller Shades - Closed

Motorized Roller Shade

Custom Arched Cellular Shade




Light-Filtering Grasscloth Pleated Shades
Light-Filtering Grasscloth Pleated Shades 



Blackout Cellular Shades
Light-Filtering Cellular Shades



Composite Plantation Shutter for Entry Door Sidelight
"opened position"

Composite Plantation Shutter for Entry Door Sidelight
"closed position"

Verta-Wrap Sheer Panel over Vertical Vanes

Sheer Cellular Shades for Entry Door Sidelight
Single-Cell, Cordless Control

Matching Head Rail Cassette

Horizontal Sheer Shade Systems

Arched Cellular Shade

Woven Roman Shades

Arched Cellular Shade

Linen Texture Cellular Shade

Roller Screen Shade in Window
(weather-proof fabric, rust-proof controls)
Framed Screen Panel above Door

1.875-Inch Composite Shutter
Entry Door Sidelight
"Opened Louvers"

2.5-Inch Composite Shutter
Entry Door Sidelight
"Opened Louvers"

2.5-Inch Composite Shutter
Entry Door Sidelight
"Closed Louvers"

2.5-Inch Composite Shutter
Entry Door Sidelight
"Outside View"

One-Inch Horizontal Wood Blind
Entry Door Sidelight
Cord Lift Control
Wand Vane Control



Wood Blinds
Sheer Fabric Vertical Blinds - Closed Vanes
Sheer Fabric Vertical Blinds - Opened Vanes
Sheer Fabric Vertical Blinds
Drawn Partially Opened
Special Draw - Opens from Outside to Center
Center Stationary Window
Side Double-Hung Windows


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